What is your dream? Season 2

A documentary series showing the diversity and contrasts found in Chile, as seen through the lives of children from even the most remote places in the country. There are children from the north, center and south, from extreme or remote places, urban capitals, the countryside, the beach and from indigenous cultures.

The program is currently nominated for the International Emmy Kids Award, award ceremony that will be held in February 2015 in New York.

Genre: Documentary
No. Episodes: 16
Duration: 30 minutes
Production company: Mi Chica Producciones
Director: Paula Gómez Vera
Executive producer: Paula Gómez Vera
General producer: Francisca Urrutia Robiola
Journalistic research and production: Carla Higueras Quero
Assistant producer: Juan Pablo Venegas
Camera and photography: Eduardo Cruz-Coke Japke, Diego Pequeño, Jorge González, Alex Miranda
Direct sound: Juan Pablo Manríquez, Freddy González Bravo
Script and editor: Juan Condon Bastías
Original music score: Alfredo Ibarra Contardi
Sound postproduction: Cristián Freund
Video postproduction: Álvaro Asela
Graphics and title sequence: KRFT Studio


• Nominated for the International Emmy Kids Award 2014 under the Factual category. (New York, USA)
• Prix Jeunesse International 2014 Special Unesco Prize. (Munich, Germany)
• Telas Award 2014, Best Children’s Program. (São Paulo, Brazil)
• Telas Award 2014, Best Direction Children’s Program. (São Paulo, Brazil)
• Qué Veo Award 2014, Best Children’s and Youth Program. (Santiago, Chile)
• Awarded the National Television Council Fund (CNTV) 2011. (Santiago, Chile)