Latin American Dreams Season 1

Documentary television series featuring children from different Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala and Chile. It is a voyage through the eyes of the children into deep Latin America, one filled with ancestral traditions and unique ways of life. It is also a glance into a Latin America with difficulties and precariousness, one that desperately hopes to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

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Genre: Documentary
Duration: 45 minutes
Season: First season.
Producer: My Girl Productions
Direction: Paula Gomez Vera
Executive Production: Paula Gómez Vera
General Production: Javiera Garber, Juan Ramírez
Production: Soledad Silva
Investigation and Journalistic Production: Carla Higueras Quero
Camera and Photography: Diego Pequeno, Jorge Gonzalez.
Direct Sound: Juan Pablo Manríquez, Freddy González
Script and Editing: Valeria Hernández, Juan Condon Bastías, Galut Alarcón.
Original music: Alfredo Ibarra Contardi
Sound Postproduction: Ignacio Cubillos, Cristian Freund
Video Postproduction: Camilo Campi, David Bravo
Graphics and Animation: KRFT Studio


• Nominated for the 2016 International Children’s Emmy Award in the Factual category.