Latin American Dreams Season 2

Latin American Dreams is a journey to Latin America through the lives of children from the most diverse countries.

Children from multiple realities, from different cultures, with varied accents but all part of the same continent. Children who are proud of their traditions and do not want them to be lost. Children who when they grow up want to contribute to the development of their countries. Children who dream of making Latin America a better continent, more united and less unequal.

The protagonists are between 7 and 14 years old and are from: Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama and Chile.

The series shows Latin America with its cultural richness, diversity and contrasts from a unique perspective, that of children.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 45 minutes
Season: Second season.
Producer: My Girl Productions.
Address: Paula Gomez Vera.
Executive Production: Paula Gómez Vera.
General Production: Javiera Garber.
Production: Elisa Torres.
Investigation and Journalistic Production: Carla Higueras Quero.
Camera and Photography: Diego Pequeño, Pablo Valdés, Alex Miranda, Jorge González.
Direct Sound: Juan Pablo Manríquez, Freddy González.
Script and Editing: Juan Condon Bastías, Camilo Campi, Valeria Hernández.
Original music: Alfredo Ibarra Contardi
Sound post-production: Filmo Estudios
Postproduction Video: Filmo Estudios
Graphics and Animation: KRFT Studio


• Nominated for the 2022 International Emmy Award in the Factual and Entertainment category. (Nueva York, EEUU)
• Ibero American Prix Jeunesse 2021, first place under the Non-fiction category 11-15 years. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)