How chileans are born

A documentary television series focused on the pregnancies and deliveries of Chilean women in different parts of the country. Twelve women share their pregnancies in very different situations throughout the country. It is a voyage to the core of what it means to bring a child into this world, the expectations, emotions, conflicts, as well as their hopes and dreams.

Genre: Documentary
No. Episodes: 12
Duration: 52 minutes
Production company: Mi Chica Producciones
Year: 2012, first season
Director: Paula Gómez Vera
Executive producer: Paula Gomez Vera, Paula Saénz-Laguna, Samanta Artal
General producer: Francisca Urrutia Robiola
Assistant producer: Juan Pablo Venegas
Journalistic research and production: Carla Higueras Quero
Camera and photography: Diego Pequeño, Eduardo Cruz-Coke Japke
Direct sound: Freddy González, Bravo Juan Pablo Manríquez
Script and editor: Juan Condon Bastías
Original music score: Alfredo Ibarra Contardi
Sound postproduction: Cristián Freund
Video postproduction: Álvaro Asela
Graphics and title sequence: Sólo por las Niñas, KRFT Studio


• Award for Excellence in Journalism 2012. “Pobre el que no cambia de Mirada (Poor is he who does not change his view)”. (Santiago, Chile)
• Best documentary 2012 “Pobre el que no cambia de Mirada (Poor is he who does not change his view)”. (Santiago, Chile)
• Awarded the National Television Council Fund (CNTV), 2011. (Santiago, Chile)